Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tim Burton Anniversary

These toppers were made for a 3 year anniversary. The couple is fans of Tim Burtons The Corpse Bride and Alice and Wonderland. So we based these toppers on both movies. We made 6 different toppers, 3 based on Alice and 3 based on Corpse Bride. The Alice toppers were, a gold stopwatch (the one the Rabbit had) and the time is stopped on their anniversary October 31st (10:31). Then there are the “drink, me” bottle and “eat me” cookies, the bottle tag has the initials of the couple on it. The third of the Alice toppers are the “this way, that way” signs, except we put the names of the couple on the signs. For The Corpse Bride toppers, the first is a spider web with the initials of the couple in red on top of it, then we have a glitter moon with purple butterflies flying across it and the last of the toppers is of a mans hand and a skeleton hand together over a silver glitter moon.

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