Custom Toppers



Bridal Shower Cupcakes
I recently made cupcakes (vegan) for my best friend Randy's bridal shower. There were 3 different types of topper designs. All based around a purple color scheme. We had a purple heart with an R+T on it, a purple flower with a edible pearl center and two wedding bands (one with diamond). All toppers were then dusted with edible sparkle.

Cupcakes for Arielle
One of the agents at my office Avital gave me the opportunity to create custom cupcakes for her daughter Arielle's special day. The main colors were red and orange. The cake topper was two stacked books with "Arielle 9.30.12" ontop. There were 4 different cupcake designs, the Harry Potter HP logo, a cross country running sneaker, a field hockey jersey and crossed field hockey sticks.

Pretty Princess Cupcakes

These princess cupcakes were made for a very special little girl turning 5 years old. We used pinks, purples and yellows as our colors. I did 6 different designs, a tiara, a wand, a number 5, a letter "C", a "happy" sign and a "birthday" sign. All toppers were covered in edible glitter.

Star Wars

For Tom's birthday Dan wanted to have Darth Vader and Storm Troppers as the cupcake toppers. That was all he wanted. One Darth Vader leading an army of Storm Troppers. I used William Sonoma cookie cutters we found a few months ago in the outlet store. They worked perfectly to give an amazing outline to pipe color onto. The cupcakes were Butterfinger cupcakes with chocolate icing.

St. Patrick's Days

A friend that I haven't seen in awhile placed an order for some St. Patrick's Day cupcakes. She wanted to bring them to work to get everyone in the holiday spirit. We made a few different types of toppers, some shamrocks with luster dust, leprechauns, pots of gold with glitter and "kiss me I'm Irish" decorations. The cupcakes were chocolate cupcakes with Bailey's Irish Cream frosting.

Its a Boy

We are expecting another baby in my office. It is Valerie's second child, her first is the adorable Tyler. We had a surprise baby shower for Val last week and of course I offered to make her some special cupcakes. I already knew she was having a baby boy and his name is going to be Jayden. This made it much easier to personalize the cupcakes. I did 4 different designs, a baby face, a bib, an "its a boy" and one with Jayden's name.

Mickey Mouse Birthday

These are Mickey Mouse cupcake toppers for Tyler’s 2nd birthday. I was told by Tyler’s mom that he loves to watch the Mickey Mouse club on the television so we decided to stay with that theme. I made four different types of toppers. All were placed on either a red or white backing that was fondant rolled onto a brick imprint to create a brick texture. The first topper was of Mickey, we made Mickey’s signature ears and his red shorts with two piped dots on them, the next was of Minnie, with her signature ears and bow. Then we had one of just Mickey’s ears with “Tyler” piped on top of them and the last was a blue star with the number two and white polka dots piped all around it.

Tim Burton Anniversary

These toppers were made for a 3 year anniversary. The couple is fans of Tim Burtons The Corpse Bride and Alice and Wonderland. So we based these toppers on both movies. We made 6 different toppers, 3 based on Alice and 3 based on Corpse Bride. The Alice toppers were, a gold stopwatch (the one the Rabbit had) and the time is stopped on their anniversary October 31st (10:31). Then there are the “drink, me” bottle and “eat me” cookies, the bottle tag has the initials of the couple on it. The third of the Alice toppers are the “this way, that way” signs, except we put the names of the couple on the signs. For The Corpse Bride toppers, the first is a spider web with the initials of the couple in red on top of it, then we have a glitter moon with purple butterflies flying across it and the last of the toppers is of a mans hand and a skeleton hand together over a silver glitter moon.

Lightening Bolt Love

My friend Josie wanted some custom toppers for when she went to visit friends. She wanted pink and purple hearts with lightening bolts. I made black textured bases and placed the colored hearts on top and then made silver lightening bolts and covered them in edible glitter for a finishing touch. Here are the pictures, the pink and purple did not show up well in the photograph but they are hot pink and a deep purple in reality.

Rosemary's John Lennon Birthday

For Dan's mom Rosemary's birthday, he wanted to do something really special for her. She LOVES The Beatles and her favorite is John Lennon's Imagine, so we decided to focus on that.

For the cake, I made a cake topper that matched the Imagine memorial in Central Park, it was an 8inch round cake.

For the top of the 8inch round, Dan created a John Lennon playing a white piano. The John Lennon he created out of fondant, the piano he molded out of rice crispy treats and then we covered it in fondant.

We also made 2 dozen cupcakes. The toppers we made were little records with the apple logo for The Beatles record label in the middle. Then we wrote album names on some and put music notes on others.

Rock and Roll

These are the custom toppers for a Rock and Roll Birthday Party for Kaelyn who is turning 5! Her parents Cris and Michael contacted me about making the toppers. They wanted pink, black and silver. Since it was a rock and roll theme we made, microphones, guitars, stars and records. We used some edible glitter for a finishing touch!

Motorcycle Graduation

My cousin Joseph graduated from college and I was asked by my Aunt if we would make cake and cupcakes for the party she was having for him. Of course I said we would love too. I wanted to focus on a motorcycle theme since his new found love is restoring old motorcycles. I called Dan told him what the plan was, I already had an idea for the toppers, but told Dan I wanted to do a motorcycle cake. As soon as he came home from work he had a sketch and idea in place, it looked amazing, it was better then I could have imagined. I was nervous about the construction but Dan assured me he would make it work....and he did.

My mom and I made 4 different toppers, stop signs, helmets, "J" with diploma and tires

Here is the cake, everything is edible but the handlebars, the tank and tire are made of rice crispy treats


My office has a walking team for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. To try and get more people to donate for the cause We made cupcakes to bring to the office during a meeting. We made a few different toppers. Some pink signs that said "HOPE", pink ribbons and hearts. We also topped the cupcakes with matching pink pearl sprinkles.


These cupcakes were made for Dan's brother Joe's wedding. Tammie his fiance had a theme of sunflowers througout the wedding, so we came up with cupcakes to match. We used oreo cookies as the center of the sunflower and then used royal icing to pipe the petals on the flower and leaves aside them.


These customized toppers were made for a 20th birthday party. They werent very specific about what they wanted, just that it was a 20th birthday party for a girl. We decided to use pink and purple and do a bunch of different toppers. We molded out some letter "R" cutouts, flowers, "Happy Birthday" stamps and hearts. We placed all of them differently amongst the cupcakes and topped with edible glitter.


Here are some custom toppers we made for a baby shower in my office. Erika had found out she was pregnant and my office of amazing agents decided to throw her a surprise baby shower. I was asked if i would make some cupcakes for the event. I was excited to try something new. We did not know the sex of the baby so they could not be gender specific.

We cut out fondant disks in white using a flower cookie cutter and then used a candy mold to mold out different baby shapes. We made, baby bottles, rattles, carriages, teddy bears and booties in pink, blue, yellow and green. I then covered all the toppers with edible glitter.


My niece Ashley was graduating from college. She attended
Richmond American University.
For her graduation party my sister Natalie wanted to have a special dessert that represented her coming home to the US and her time spent in London.
This is what i came up with.

For the first set of cupcakes we made custom toppers of the American Flag.
We made the disks out of fondant and then piped on the flag.

For the next set of custom toppers we made the Union Jake.
We used the same method, making disks out of fondant and then piping on the
Union Jake.

I also wanted to do something special just for Ashley. She has always been a fan of The Beatles. So i decided to make The Beatles from their famous walk across Abbey Road. It was a place she had gone with her family in England and i knew she would love it.