About Me

About Avisia Limato

The first time Avisia saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as a child, her love for ‘all things sugar’ was born. She remembers being entranced by the scenes of colorful candy, chocolate rivers and golden tickets. But it was the famous edible candy room that solidified her lifelong love of sweet and treats. While most kids dreamed of being Charlie and getting to eat all the candy, Avisia dreamed of being Willy Wonka— coming up with different concoctions every day that people would love.

In fact, it was such a huge influence on her that she now has homage to it on her arm.

When not making custom cupcake toppers, Avisia focuses on Southern style baking for fun. She bakes everything from scratch and uses all real ingredients (her favorite being brown sugar). When not baking, Avisia loves horror movies (Friday the 13th is her all time favorite) and running, tea houses, traveling and photography.  

About Sweetpea’s Sugar Rush

Avisia Limato, owner of Sweetpea’s Sugar Rush, has been whipping up cupcakes, cookies and treats for over 7 years. What started as a labor of love blossomed into a business when Avisia brought her creations into her day job at a busy real estate office. One by one, word spread about her treats—especially the customized cupcake toppers. Soon after, orders started coming in for parties, weddings, bridal showers and more.

And then orders started coming in from all over the nation.

When a client offered to fly Avisia from New York to Texas to bake customized cupcakes for a wedding— the idea for Sweetpea’s Sugar Rush was born. (The name comes from the nickname Avisia’s Dad gave her as a baby— ‘Sweetpea’.) Instead of making the long trip, she developed customized cupcake toppers for the wedding and shipped them overnight. They looked great on the store-bought cupcakes for a fraction of the price.

Sweetpea’s has expanded to customize whatever you can imagine— from company logos, initials, and monograms and more. Along with her trusty helpers (her Mom and boyfriend, Dan) Avisia works painstakingly on each topper.

Trusty helper: Mom

Trusty helper: Dan

When you place an order, you’ll receive a decorating kit in the mail with everything you need to assemble your designer cupcakes. Bake your cupcakes from scratch, or even buy plain ones at the supermarket. Your guests will be dazzled that everything on the toppers is edible— from the fondant, markers and coloring to the paint, glitter and sprinkles.

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