Monday, October 31, 2011

Mickey Mouse Birthday

This weekend we made Mickey Mouse cupcake toppers for Tyler’s 2nd birthday. I was told by Tyler’s mom Valerie that he loves to watch the Mickey Mouse club on the television so we decided to stay with that theme. I made four different types of toppers. All were placed on either a red or white backing that was fondant rolled onto a brick imprint to create a brick texture. The first topper was of Mickey, we made Mickey’s signature ears and his red shorts with two piped dots on them, the next was of Minnie, with her signature ears and bow. Then we had one of just Mickey’s ears with “Tyler” piped on top of them and the last was a blue star with the number two and white polka dots piped all around it.


  1. We absolutely LOVED these cupcakes! Tyler loved them so much that he could not stop eating them!!! Cannot wait to post pics and video!! Thank you Avisia! You are amazing and we plan on being repeat customers for life :)

    Tyler's mommy,

  2. Thank you so much I loved making them <3